About Xavier Martínez Celorrio



Xavier Martínez-Celorrio (Barcelona, 1965) is professor of sociology of education at the University of Barcelona and researcher at the CRIT (Creativity, Innovation and Urban Transformation) of the University of Barcelona.

His research focuses on two fields: a) the dynamics of educational inequalities and social mobility, and b) policies fostering social cohesion and human capital in the economy of knowledge.

He was an advisor to the Social Studies Collection of Fundació la Caixa (2007-08). Chair of the Ph.D. program in Sociology at University of Barcelona (2000). Researcher at Fundació CIREM (1990-1997).


Education and Social Mobility in Catalonia

Crisi, desigualtats i benestar vulnerable. Anàlisi longitudinal del PaD (2003-2009)