About Luis Felipe López-Calva



Luis F. Lopez-Calva is the co-Director of the World Development Report 2017: “Governance and The Law”. He was previously Lead Economist and Regional Poverty Advisor in the Europe and Central Asia Region at The World Bank (Poverty Reduction and Economic Management Sector). Until 2013, he was Lead Economist at the Poverty, Equity and Gender Unit in the Latin America and Caribbean PREM Directorate, also at The World Bank. He served as Chief Economist for Latin America and the Caribbean at UNDP in New York from 2007 to 2010. In Mexico, he was Associate Professor and Chair of the Masters in Public Economics at Tecnológico de Monterrey, Mexico City Campus. López-Calva also taught at Universidad de la Américas, Puebla and El Colegio de México. He is a Fellow of the Human Development and Capabilities Association and is Associate Editor of the Journal of Human Development and Capabilities. López-Calva holds a Masters Degree in Economics from Boston University, and a Masters and a PhD in Economics from Cornell University. His publications and research interests focus on labor markets, poverty and inequality, institutions and development economics.


Understanding the Dynamics of Labor Income Inequality in Latin America

Pro-Growth Equity

Labor Earnings, Misallocation, and the Returns to Education in Mexico