About Julio Serrano



Julio Serrano Espinosa is founding partner of SMDP, an early stage investment firm. He is chairman of PLM, the leading print and electronic health information provider in Mexico, and board member of Pro Organic Growers, an organic fruit exporter in Mexico. He was the first investor in redIT, a leading metropolitan fiber optic and data center operator in Mexico, where he served as chairman for 15 years until the company was sold in 2014. He also co-founded and was chairman for 17 years of Maxiprenda, one of the leading privately-owned pawnshop chains in Mexico, until the company was sold early this year.

Mr. Serrano Espinosa holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Applied Mathematics from ITAM, a Mexican university, and an MBA from Harvard Business School. He teaches private equity at ITAM and writes a weekly finance column for Milenio, a Mexican newspaper. He is a trustee of Fundación ESRU, a Mexican philanthropic foundation that focuses on education, and a member of the Executive Committee of CEEY, a Mexican think tank, where he led the two national studies on social mobility that have been conducted in Mexico. He is also president of the board of trustees of El Antiguo Colegio de San Ildefonso, a Mexican museum.

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