About Juan Garay Amores



Juan Garay is a medical doctor from Spain, specialized in internal medicine, infectious diseases and public health. Since 2013 he works as head of EU cooperation in Mexico, with special emphasis on analysis and policy dialogue on social cohesion.

In parallel to his responsibilities in the EU, Juan Garay is professor of global health in Granada and Madrid, advisor to the South American Institute of Health Governance, visiting scholar in UC Berkeley, as well as guest lecturer in several universities in America and Europe, where he continues research and academic activities in relation to health and social equity metrics.

Since the 80s, he has combined clinical, public health, research and design on health systems (as some of the early AIDS treatment programs in Africa), in many countries in Europe, Africa and America, with governments, universities and non-state actors.

In 2002 he joined the European Union, working initially in the design of EU health cooperation policies and programs. He gradually explored the roots of health in the areas of human rights -coordinating the work towards the EU external policy on children rights- and the multi-sectorial dimensions of health which led to his coordination in the development of the EU policy on global health.

In relation to global health challenges, he has focused on research on global health equity in the last years, now reflected in this book.