About Juan Enrique Huerta Wong



Juan Enrique Huerta-Wong is the Manuel Espinosa Yglesias Research Chair Director and a Professor at Popular University of Puebla (UPAEP), Mexico. He also serves as a member of the Research Permanent Committee at the CEEY Social Mobility Program. A fieldwork researcher, his projects include the responsibility of conducting the Study on Citizenship from Parents to Children (2006), the 2011 ESRU Survey on Social Mobility (with Roberto Velez and Raymundo Campos), the Project on Life Stories in Social Mobility (Himovi, 2011), the Survey on Social Mobility and Social Capital in Monterrey (2012), the Survey on Social Mobility and Social Capital in Coastal Zones of Mexico (2015), the Survey on Social Mobility and Social Cohesion in Puebla (2015, with Roberto Velez), as well as a number of qualitative research projects in Canada, USA, and Mexico. He is currently involved in carrying the first longitudinal surveys on social mobility in Mexico (Puebla). His recent books include “Mexico: El Motor Inmóvil” [Mexico, The Unmoved Engine: Research Findings from the 2011 ESRU Survey on Social Mobility. Ed. with Roberto Velez and Raymundo Campos], and “Del Piso al Techo: Parentalidad y Aspiraciones” [From Bottom to Top: Parental Communication and the Building of Aspirations, In Press, CEEY].

His research has received funding from CEEY, Conacyt, Ford Foundation, UNDP, IRDC, among other organizations.


Social Stratification Processes and Human Capital Investments Towards Men and Women